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Dilbert – March 27, 2007

From Dilbert

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Top 100 Network Security Tools

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Top 12 Weird Japanese Inventions

Some simply amazing inventions.  How do people think of these things.  Link

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Google Your Site For Security Vulnerabilities

Some pretty unsettling stuff. If Google stumbles across data that may expose sensitive information about your organization, Google will not hesitate to index it. The search engine does not discriminate against data it indexes. How can you tell if your … Continue reading

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"A dead simple AJAX timesheet app"


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How to Dress for Your Google Interview

Jason Warner is the head of staffing for a division of Google. In other words, he’s Google’s in-house headhunter. If you want to work for Google, you should pay attention to what Jason says about the Google dress code. Sales … Continue reading

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Schedule incoming phone calls with the Popularity Dailer

Feel left out in a room full of people talking into their cell phones instead of to each other? The Popularity Dialer schedules recordings to call your cell phone at a predetermined time to give the impression that you too … Continue reading

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Antipodal Map Tool: The other side of the world

There’s a common belief, at least in the U.S., that if you were to dig a hole deep enough (assuming the technology existed), eventually you’d pop out on the other side of the earth, and this would be somewhere in … Continue reading

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You'll never take my land!

Boing boing have recently featured stories about people who refuse to sell their homes to developers, no matter what the price. This first house in Bismark was once part of a residential area, but as the nearby St. Alexius Medical … Continue reading

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Planes in Formation?

Always something strange to see on Google Earth… Initially we thought this was possibly the coolest find ever, but sadly this is not 9 small planes flying in formation over Denmark. No, even better than that, when you look closer … Continue reading

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