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A little math never hurt anybody

A quick snippet of the derivation of Einstein’s Mass-energy equivalence equation. This is always good for some good late night reading. …. In the particle’s rest frame, the momentum is (mc,0) and so for the force four-vector to be orthogonal, … Continue reading

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Dont be too proud, use tools when reinstalling Windows

So you’re getting ready to (or just did) reinstall windows. Here are some tools you should know about. First, if you can help it, before you reinstall make sure you back up your drivers. I’ve used Driver Magician (~$30, useable … Continue reading

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Norwegian Bicycle Lift Proves Europeans are Just as Lazy

This bicycle lift from some Norway may be old hat for them, but totally blew our minds when we saw it earlier today. Picture a guided train track railing that you stick your foot on while you ride your bike … Continue reading

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Random Safire Quote

Is sloppiness in speech caused by ignorance or apathy? I don’t know and I don’t care. William SafireUS columnist & speechwriter (1929 – ) From The Quotations Page

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How many children should you have?

From a private point of view, only one: In comparing identical twins, Kohler found that mothers with one child are about 20 percent happier than their childless counterparts; and while fathers’ happiness gains are smaller, men enjoy an almost 75 … Continue reading

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Apple Running Top 500 Supercomputer at NAB?

Apple Insider got an "inside" look at Apple’s NAB setup. They reported that Apple’s server included 3/4 Petabytes of storage space, 3 miles of fiber optic cable, 4 M2 Gb networks, 90 Xserves and 40 Xserve RAIDs. Pardon me while … Continue reading

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Hashima (Abandoned) Island

Yet another place to roam around on Google Earth. The “fantastically eerie photo set” is also worth checking out. Hashima Island, 15 kilometres from Nagasaki, Japan, was once the densest human development on Earth, and today stands completely empty and … Continue reading

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Save time by using your phone number for your email address

This isn’t a bad idea. Now I have yet another gmail alias that I’ll probably never use! Reader Dan writes: Having heard my wife give out her email address to yet another soccer coach at the start of the season, … Continue reading

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Reusable vs. disposable cups

You gotta love anything disposable, and now the research to back up what I always knew – anything that avoids doing the dishes has to be a good idea Here’s a life-cycle energy analysis on reusable vs. disposable cups -another … Continue reading

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LH Top 10: Free Computer System Recovery Tools

Your data’s trapped on a dead computer. You lost your login password. You never wrote down the product key on a non-working Windows installation. Your Mac won’t start. Don’t pay the extortionists at the computer repair shop 800 bucks to … Continue reading

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